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PURCHASES: Brava Corp has determined that due to hackers' sophisticated intrusion capabilities that NO Ecommercecredit card information of customer name and account number is safe and secure due to intrusion into major banks, companies, and even US federal government computer systems and credit card databases- all with the highest security in place. Although fees and costs of global credit card processing have increased significantly, the security systems have not. Thus, we have suspended online credit card processing at this time [2016].

Does it make it more difficult for you and us? YES! But we are able to keep both the risks and costs of our services and products down. We believe that protection of our clients' & customers' name and credit card information and Brava's proprietary information is worth the extra effort on all parties - Brava and its customers & clients.

Contact us directly to make arrangement for payment by check or money order or other secure means before services or products are made available to our clients and customers.

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DIRECT PURCHASE POLICY: Contact to purchase products. We can answer your questions and assist you with your selections and arrange for shipment from all USP GMP** manufacturers directly to your address. The shelf-life of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals is a short time period. Thus, shipment directly from the manufacturer to you is of utmost importance to optimize and protect your health!

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US Pharmacopia NSF-GMP** Nutritional Supplments:

BRAVA Nutrition - Designs for Health®

BRAVA Nutrition - Anti-Aging Supplements

BRAVA Nutrition - Cancer Defense

BRAVA Nutrition - Integrative Therapeutics®

Brava Nutrition - Preventing Alzheimer's

BRAVA Nutrition - Pure Caps®/ Nutrigenomics

BRAVA Nutrition - Nordic Naturals

BRAVA Nutrition - Metagenics Nutraceuticals

BRAVA Nutrition Brain Vital Supplements Brochures

BRAVA Nutrition / Mushroom Wisdom

BRAVA Sports Science CWX Conditioning Wear

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** USP NSF-GMP Product Standards:

USP stands for the United States Pharmacopoeia. USP approval means you can be assured of purity, potency, stability and disintegration. Essentially it ensures that the product contains the ingredients listed on the label and that it has been made according to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices GMP.

  • All dietary supplement products and powders should be manufactured in a USP FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Ingredients all tested for purity, potency and delivery from raw materials to finished product
  • The USP specifically tests to ensure the supplement
    • Contains the ingredients listed on the label in the declared potency and amount.
    • Doesn’t contain harmful levels of specified contaminants.
    • Will break down and release into the body within a specified amount of time.
    • Has been made according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices using sanitary and well-controlled procedures.

Non-professional grade supplement manufacturers must only meet FDA standard called GRAS [generally recognized as safe]. GRAS supplements have no FDA requirement that the ingredients listed on the label need to be in the tablets/capsules or in the amounts listed on the label, and the manufacturers don't even have to establish that the supplements work as stated!!

With GRAS manufactured non-professional nutritient supplements, purity of the ingredients is unknown, the actual dosage may be vastly different from tablet to tablet in the same bottle; the ingredients may be tainted with heavy metals or toxins; and the bioavailability [amount of nutrient absorbed] in GRAS supplements may be GREATLY less than 20% or even 0% as the tablet passes right through you![50% bioavailability is professional brands industry standard].













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