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Hiring Public Safety Personnel

Police, Nuclear Security, US Military, Corporate Security, etc.

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The safety of the general public seems to be more and more at risk. As a result, the need to identify and hire individuals who are more likely to reinforce the safety of others becomes a critical responsibility to those who are making these hiring decisions.

BRAVA offers several instruments that can be used during the employment selection process for numerous high-risk, high-stress public safety positions, including United States Military Services. Overall, these tests can help measure a candidate's emotional suitability for certain positions, cognitive ability, and possible behavioral issues.

BRAVA provides online internet or computer or paper/pencil assessment instruments, scoring, and confidential test report to help select for these high-risk positions and others:

Law Enforcement - Officers Firefighters and Paramedics - Correctional Officers

Military Personnel - Special Agents - Airline Pilots - Security Personnel - Sky Marshals

High Safety & Security - Medical and Psychology Personnel - Nuclear Power Facilities' Personnel

Corporate Security - Protecting the economy goes hand-in-hand with protecting Private Industry, particularly its employees who travel abroad.


BRAVA'S Public Safety Personnel Selection of Tests:


BASI™ -Basic Achievement Skills Inventory


GAMA® - General Ability Measure for Adults (Non-Verbal format) (Available in Spanish)


SSPO - Sigma Survey for Police Officers

SSSO - Sigma Survey for Security Officers


16PF® 5th Edition -Sixteen Personality Factor 5th Edition

MIPS™ Revised - Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised (Available in Spanish)

MMPI-2™-RF Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory Restructured Format

MMPI-2™ The Minnesota Report: Adult Clinical System-Revised 4th Edition

MMPI-2™ The Minnesota Report - Revised Personnel Selection System 3rd Ed.

AUI Alcohol Use Inventory

PAI® Law Enforcement, Corrections, Public Safety Selection Report


MMPI-2™-RF Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory Restructured Format

MMPI-2™ - Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory-2

Hare Psychopathy Checklist (PCL-R) Revised 2nd Edition [Administered and scored by only Licensed Mental Health professionals or licensed clinicians]

Test delivery and scoring differs by tests selected by Proctor or Licensed Mental Health Professional in-person hard-copy paper & pencil or computer with FAX hand scoring or computer scoring or online internet depending upon test selected for test administration. Many are available online and by computer.

If in-person administration and hand-scoring is required, then Brava Corps partners with test proctors and professionals' licensed to administer tests in compliance with test publisher manuals and to score tests and provide Confidential test reports.

Contact info@bravacorp.com for full test description, price, and sample test report for any tests of interest, for discussion or selection.





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