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Prostate Supreme

 60 capsules $39.00

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Order "Report to the Nation on Prostate Cancer -A Guide for Men and Their Families" 

Nutrition & Prostate Cancer

Day after day, the effects of dietary and lifestyle changes on the development and progression of prostate cancer are being discussed and explored by leading researchers in the field.

Which foods and nutrients have been shown to be beneficial for patients with prostate cancer? How reliable are the data for nutritional strategies in prostate cancer? Are there foods or nutrients that might prevent prostate cancer or even prevent or delay a recurrence of the disease?

Here are some resources to help you answer these questions:

 Nutrition and Prostate Cancer Guide
By culling the data from the published literature, the Nutrition and Prostate Cancer guide offers a comprehensive, yet concise overview of where we are today in the search for nutritional approaches to prostate cancer—and reminds us how much more we have yet to learn about how key nutritional strategies can affect the development and progression of prostate cancer. Click on the links below to read sections of the guide.

Prostate Cancer News: Lifestyle and Nutrition
Read the latest news about nutrition and lifestyle research.

The Taste for Living Cookbooks
The Taste for Living Cookbook
and The Taste for Living WORLD Cookbook contain recipes that chef Beth Ginsberg created for prostate cancer survivor Mike Milken, who also serves as Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 






Prostate Supreme 60 capsules

Prostate Supreme provides a balanced and comprehensive support for optimal prostate health and function. This formulation promotes a healthy testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) balance, favorable aromatase activity to limit the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (found to cause prostate tissue proliferation and BPH), supports optimal bladder function, and it provides targeted nutritional and antioxidant support to rejuvenate the prostate and maintain health prostate health.

Size: 60 Capsules

  • Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 300 IU

  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 10 mg

  • Zinc (as Zinc Chelazome® Bis-Glycinate Chelate) 10 mg

  • Whole berry Saw Palmetto Powder 400 mg

  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)(berry) 300 mg
    [standardized to contain 45% Fatty Acids]

  • Pygeum (Pygeum africanum)(bark) 100 mg
    [standardized to contain 25% Phytosterols]

  • Nettle (Urtica dioica)(leaves)(20:1) 100 mg

  • L-Glycine 100 mg

  • L-Alanine 100 mg

  • L-Glutamic Acid 100 mg

  • Fractionated Pectin 100 mg

  • Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita pepo) (seed)(20:1) 60 mg

  • Lycopene 20 mg

  • Chrysin 20 mg

Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, gelatin (capsule).

Recommended Use
As a dietary supplement, take three capsules daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medical Disclaimer: The information on this web site is for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for a medical evaluation. If you feel that medical interventions are necessary, please check with your physician and Dietary Supplements.