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Brava” (Italian) defined: superior performance.

Professional Development


Brava Brain Nutrition



Leadership Development


Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Development for Individuals and Groups– helps persons at all levels maximize their performance impact and overcome self imposed barriers and organizational obstacles.

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Special program for Women Issues

What do you want to do with your life? At Brava Center, learn how to develop and maintain your personal and professional goals, and your selff-confidence and self-esteem.


We assist you to develop "superior performance" mental processes during optimum performance. Cognitive Strategies are employed to probe for problematic thinking styles and attitudes that contribute to unpleasant feelings and self-defeating behaviors.

Behavioral Strategies such as autogenic training, systematic desensitization, graded flooding, and relaxation training are used to manage a variety of behavioral problems.

Strengthen Your Organization, Business or Team

Do you have issues with trust, belief or communication? Unclear as to the key barriers to your team’s success? Organizational Development for your organization, business unit or team builds capability, strengthens relationships and maximizes mission critical execution and impact. Learn the six habits of highly effective teams and how to apply them to your personal and professional life.

Virtual Reality Strategies is a new, state-of-the art, powerful technique used to overcome fears and phobias. This method creates a visual, auditory, and sensory environment that psychologically exposes you to your fear, whether speaking in front of or managing a large group.

Why do people succeed? Is it because they're smart? Or are they just lucky? View Richard St. John's Secrets of Success:






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The brain is involved in everything that you do.

How you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you function at work or get along with other people has to do with the moment by moment functioning of your brain.

When the brain is troubled, you may have problems with work performance, anxiety, depression, poor judgment, impulsivity, anger, inflexibility, memory, and trouble with relationships, which may include your boss.


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