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Pharmaceutical Grade

Pure and great tasting omega oils

from the purest oceans of the world!



























Omega 3
Omega 3, 6, 9 Combos
Arctic Cod
Pet Products

For optimal health and longevity, everyone needs EFAs daily. Yes, every single day! Nordic Naturals offers the world's finest Omega-3 fish oils from Norway. These award-winning formulas are pharmaceutical grade, doctor-recommended, and third-party tested, showing they are unsurpassed in purity, freshness, and taste, and are virtually contaminant free.

Hundreds of research studies around the world verify that these Omega-3 fish oils offer extraordinary health benefits—reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow throughout the brain and body.  Also, taking Nordic Naturals will improve athletic performance; promote joint, heart, and skin health; support cardiovascular health, as well as memory and recall; and enhance emotional well-being.  

With Nordic Naturals great tasting fruit flavored formulas, you get all the benefits of fish oil without the fishy taste or aftertaste. Nordic Naturals offers formulas for the whole family, including your pets of cats and dogs, that taste so great, kids ask for more. Experience optimal health....try Nordic Naturals.



Artic Cod Liver Oil

Artic Cod Liver Oil Lemon Gel Caps

Artic Cod Liver Oil Lemon Liquid

Artic Cod Liver Oil Orange Liquid 16oz

Artic Cod Liver Oil Orange Liquid 8oz

Artic Cod Liver Oil Peach Liquid 8oz

Artic Cod Liver Oil Strawberry Liquid 8oz

Artic Cod Liver Lemon 90 Gel Caps

Artic Cod Liver 90

Artic Omega Fish Gelatin

Artic Omega 8oz.

Artic Omega-D Lemon Flavor Caps

Artic-D Cod Liver Oil Lemon Flavor 16 oz.

Artic-D Cod Liver Oil Orange Flavor 8 oz.

Artic-D Cod Liver Oil Efficiency Packets

Artic-D Cod Liver Oil with Lemon 8 oz.

Arctic™ Cod Liver Oil Capsules 90 gels 


Balanced Omega Combination 180 gels

DHA Infant 2 oz.

DHA Junior Strawberry

DHA Junior Liquid

DHA Junior 360 Chewables

Nordic® Omega-3 Fishies 30 cnt Tangerine Treats

Omega-3 Worms 30

Pet Cod Liver Oil 8 oz.

Pet Omega-3 gel caps

PreNatal DHA 500 mg

Pro Omega + CoQ10

Pro Omega LDL

Pro Omega Probiotic

Pro DHA 1000 mg.

Pro DHA 500 mg.

Pro DHA 500 mg Strawberry

Pro DHA Eye 1000 mg

Pro EFA™ Junior Lemon

Pro EFA™ Lemon 1000 mg

Pro EFA™ Xtra Lemon

Pro EFA™ Liquid Lemon

Pro EPA (Lemon Flavor)


Pro EPA (Lemon Flavor) 1000 mg

Pro EPA Xtra 1000 mg

Pro EPA Xtra Lemon 1000 mg

Pro Omega 1000 mg Lemon

Pro Omega D 1000 mg

Pro Omega Joint

Pro Omega Joint Xtra

Pro Omega Liquid Lemon 4oz.

Pro Omega® Blood Sugar 1000 mg

Pro Omega® Lemon 1000 mg

Pro Omega® Lemon 120

Pro Omega® Lemon 60

Pro Omega D Lemon 1000 mg 120

Pro Omega D Lemon 1000 mg 60

Pro Omega D Liquid with Lemon 8 oz.

Pro Omega CoQ10 1000 mg

Pro Omega Junior 500 mg Strawberry

Pro Omega LDL 1000 mg

Vitamin D-3 Orange Flavor 250 mg 120