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Information Super Highway Overload Syndrome- New Psychiatric Disorder for people, small business and corporations!

Organizations today are buried in information and data. Information overload impacts compliance, operational effectiveness, customer relationships, and hinders growth and profitability. Moreover, the standards around information management, particularly managing non-ledger data and unstructured information, are not fully mature — all organizations have “their” own way.

Amidst the sheer volume of information, organizations do not fully appreciate how complex their challenges are:

  • Data and information is in constant flux across the enterprise, 24 hours a day
  • Efforts to remediate problems tend to focus on the systems, not the sources of the problem
  • Traditional solutions are expensive — while the ROI has been insufficient
  • Organizations have been living with information management dysfunction for so long that they become mired in reacting to constant threat

BRAVA's Information Management solutions help your organization master its toughest information management challenges and begin the journey to know more. From strategy through architecture, from information and data quality to governance, we bring a deep understanding of the growing complexity of information management and the reasons why it is complex. This allows us to design and implement practical, iterative solutions that help our clients get sustainable results so that — by knowing more — they can improve operational performance, seize competitive advantage, and more effectively manage risk.

Our Information Management solution suite contains the following groups of solutions:

  • Information Strategy, Architecture and Governance
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Asset Management
  • Access, Search & Delivery / Knowledge Management

Within these solution groups, our clients can tap BRAVA's solutions domain experience across a broad range of businesses and government, and technology disciplines that affect information management, such as information strategy, business intelligence, search, content and data management, systems integration, process improvement and change management.

We see the complete picture, in all of its complexity, and help start you on the journey to knowing more — more about your threats, but also your competitive opportunities; more about your symptoms, but also more about the sources of your problems.


We call such businesses "PEOPLE-READY.“

Is your business "people-ready?

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