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Human Capital Testing

How would you know unless you look?

Member of American Psychological Association APA

Member Society for Human Resource Management SHRM

Our goal is to bring you the assessment tools best suited to your needs, including internet and onsite computer testing with the most respected tests available in the world today, many in English, Spanish, and other languages.


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Executive Coaching


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We start with a an assessment of your company’s specific goals and challenges, meeting with senior executives, key department leaders and designated course participants.

Then, we customize our corporate psychology testing instruments based upon the executives designated for coaching with 2 - 5 days of intensive training.

Our on-site executive customized training is designed and presented with both group and individual unique guidance by Licensed Psychological & HR Management Professionals, strategic decision making sessions, vision and mission planning, crisis management, results driven data-analysis methods to enhance executive management and leadership concepts.

We conclude with post-coaching psychological measurements and provide both group and individual strategic improvement guides for long-term company executive leadership development.

We rely upon state of the art, sophisticated and the most respected individual and 360 assessments used in corporate executive training programs. See Brava Corp Psychology Testing of which all assessments are confidential in compliance with APA ethics and professional license statutory laws.








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