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Versant Language Testing - English or Spanish Speaking Skills 


Versant Business Edition - Test administration by online internet

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Objectively Manage English or Spanish Speaking Skills 

  • Evaluate the ability to understand and to be understood
  • Enable consistent language proficiency levels throughout your organization
  • Evaluate language proficiency objectively

Excellent Customer Service Begins with Clear Communication

Your front-line personnel and customer service representatives are often the biggest part of your customers' experience with your organization.  Without a positive experience, customers will go elsewhere.  Versant enables you to ensure applicants and employees have the level of spoken language skills necessary for the job.

Excellent employee communication skills help enable:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Repeat business
  • Increased sales
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower employee turnover

Many industries can benefit from Versant:

  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Food Service
  • Health Care
  • Travel

Save Time, Improve Hiring Process

When interviewing time is limited, use the fully automated Versant to screen any number of candidates and make sure you interview only those with sufficient spoken language skills.  The tests are easy to administer, intuitive, and fit within EEOC and UGESP compliant hiring processes. In addition, all test items have been reviewed for fairness and bias-free usage.

Simple Administration, Immediate and Accurate Results

To take a Versant for English or Versant for Spanish test, the test-taker either makes a phone call or utilizes a PC to interact with the Ordinate testing system.  Test instructions that guide the test-taker through the test-taking process and outline the tasks he/she will perform are also provided.  The system then analyzes the responses and returns a score within minutes after the individual completes the test. Scores can be viewed online and are comprised of an overall score and diagnostic sub-scores.

Valid, Reliable and Secure

Based on years of research in speech processing, statistical modeling, linguistics, and testing theory, Versant for English and Versant for Spanish are highly reliable.  The patented Ordinate ® technology uses a speech recognition system that is specifically designed to analyze speech performance components from non-native speakers.  Versant for English was administered in a series of validation studies to four thousand native and non-native speakers.  Additional studies conducted since then provide further validation.  Versant for Spanish was administered in validation studies to over 1000 native and non-native speakers. Results showed levels of reliability similar to Versant for English .  The tests are secure because each test presents a random selection of items drawn from a large item pool.  This means individuals taking the test more than once will be presented with different items each time. 

Ordinate Technology



The patented Ordinate ® testing system is based on of years of research in speech processing, statistical modeling, linguistics, and testing theory. The technology uses a speech processing system that is specifically designed to analyze speech from native and non-native speakers of English. In addition to recognizing words, the system also locates and evaluates relevant segments, syllables, and phrases in speech. The Ordinate system then uses statistical modeling techniques to assess the spoken performance.

Independent studies have shown that  Versant  tests are more objective, and more reliable than today's best human-rated tests, including one-on-one oral proficiency interviews. Using criteria developed by expert linguists, the Ordinate testing system scores candidate responses to test items, which have been validated with reference to human judgments of proficiency, fluency, and pronunciation.

Use with Confidence

Versant tests were developed in accordance with the legal and professional guidelines stated in the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures and the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures governing the use of tests or decision-making organizations.


BRAVA HR Testing Statement of Services

Brava Corporation and none of its affiliates or associates in the US, Canada or Brava Global Partners are selling Psychology Tests. We provide 1-Hour Pre-Test Consultation Services, Test Administration Services in compliance with the American Psychological Association and Test Publisher Manual. Then, we issue a Confidential Test Report and 1-Hour of Post Test Consultation Services included in the price for all of the Tests on the Brava Corporation site. As a Member of the APA, we partner with a world-wide network of fellow APA Members in your area to assist in the administration of tests, included in the price. Brava Corporate PsychologyTesting Services provides all pre and post-test consultations, test scoring and reports with services that meet the highest professional and ethical standards.



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