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How would you know unless you look?

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Wiesen Test for Mechanical Aptitude

Used successfully for years by Fortune 500 companies and manufacturing companies, as well as several government agencies. The WTMA is a 30-minute paper-and-pencil test of mechanical aptitude designed for use alone or as part of a personnel selection battery in a variety of employment and training settings (e.g., manufacturing/ industrial settings), as well as for academic research. It is also suitable for use in many vocational/technical training programs and temporary staffing agencies.The WTMA is appropriate for ages 18 years and older.

The WTMA was designed to minimize both gender and ethnic bias, as well as the academic bias found in many other existing instruments. The WTMA questions do not require familiarity with objects or events encountered primarily in a physics or chemistry class or an auto repair shop. The WTMA is currently being used by Fortune 250 and smaller manufacturing companies, as well as several government agencies. 


Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® (BMCT)

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The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is the most widely used and trusted assessment of mechanical aptitude. This instrument has demonstrated consistent reliability and validity in helping organizations select the best candidates for mechanical, technical and industrial occupations for over 50 years.

The BMCT helps you quickly and effectively:

  • Identify candidates with good spatial perception and mechanical reasoning ability
  • Assess a candidate’s working knowledge of basic mechanical operations and physical laws
  • Recognize an aptitude for learning mechanical processes and tasks
  • Predict employee success and appropriately align your workforce
  • Industry Norms For: Manufacturing/Production, Energy/Utilities
  • Occupational Norms For: Automotive and Aircraft Mechanics, Engineers, Installation/Maintenance/Repairpersons, Industrial/Technical (Non-Retail) Sales Representatives, Skilled Tradespersons such as Electricians, Welders, and Carpenters; Transportation Trades/Equipment Operators such as Truck Drivers and Heavy Equipment Operators

Test administration by online internet.

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BRAVA Psychology Testing Statement of Services

Brava Corporation and none of its affiliates or associates in the US, Canada or Brava Global Partners are selling Psychology Tests. We provide 1-Hour Pre-Test Consultation Services, Test Administration Services in compliance with the American Psychological Association and Test Publisher Manual. Then, we issue a Confidential Test Report and 1-Hour of Post Test Consultation Services included in the price for all of the Tests on the Brava Corporation site. As a Member of the APA, we partner with a world-wide network of fellow APA Members in your area to assist in the administration of tests, included in the price. Brava Corporate PsychologyTesting Services provides all pre and post-test consultations, test scoring and reports with services that meet the highest professional and ethical standards.