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What is Forensic Psychology? A “forensic evaluation” involves much more than a standard psychological evaluation.  Forensic Psychology is the application of specialized psychological knowledge to provide information relevant to a legal question. The goal is to assist attorneys, judges,  jurors, law enforcement agencies, and individuals in making their decisions related  to Forensic Psychology Evaluations for the Courts.

Our Forensic Psychology experts have extensive experience administering a wide range of tests that pertain to specific legal questions in the Civil, Adult Criminal, Juvenile, and Family Law judicial system. And, we work and testify as an expert witness for either the plaintiff or the defense. We will stand firm on our Forensic Psychology Testing and offer compelling and persuasive testimony.

We are experts in testing, assessment, and diagnosis for 'Battered Women's Syndrome; and assault/battery and rape, intelligence and competency to stand trial. We have significant expertise in drug/substance abuse, borderline retardation, the levels of mental retardation in conjunction with DSM-IV Psychiatric Diagnosis, and other mitigating factors. We keep abreast of the precedent setting State Supreme and US Supreme Court cases on point to these critical psychological issues for the Court's consideration in rendering judgment.

BRAVA Forensic Testing Services  conducts the following types of Forensic evaluations in English and several in Spanish. We utilize state of the art, respected, standardized testing instruments per state statute and the "gold standard" in forensics testing - MMPI-2™ The Minnesota Report: Reports for Forensic Settings in Civil or Criminal Court and MMPI-2™ Criminal Justice & Correctional Report, and a battery of tests custom built for critical situations in full compliance with each state's statutory guidelines and precedent setting Supreme Court cases.

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Some of the tests we utilize are:

MMPI-2™ The Minnesota Report: Reports for Forensic Settings (Civil or Criminal Court)

MMPI-2-RF™ Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Restrcutured Format NEW IN SPRING 2008!

MMPI-2™ Criminal Justice and Correctional Report

Hare Psychopath Checklist (PCL-R) Revised 2nd Edition

MCMI-III™ Millon Clinical Multi-Axial Inventory III

MacArthur Competency Assessment

WAIS-R NI Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised as a Neuropsychological Instrument

WAIS-IV Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-IV (Rev. 2008) (Ages 16.0 to 90.11

WIAT-III Wechsler Individual Achievement -Third Edition (Ages 4.0 to 19.11)

WMS-IV Weschler Memory Scale - Fourth Edition

BCSE Brief Cognitive Status Exam

Criminal Proceedings

Pre-trial criminal evaluations

Competency to Stand Trial

Insanity Defense

Waiver Privilege of Self-Incrimination

Consent to Search

Medication Refusal

Voluntary Waiver of Rights

Criminal Responsibility

Death Penalty Mitigation

Substance Abuse Behavior

Malingering (Lying/Faking)

Psychopathic Manipulation

Providing Testimony in Court

Sex Offender Violations & Sexual Psychiatric Disorders per Sexual Violent Predator State Statutes

Evaluations to assist you with trial strategy and possible plea negotiations


Civil Proceedings

Child Custody

Personally Injury


Mental Disability

Employment Discrimination

Professional Malpractice

Civil Commitment

Memory Problems, Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease (ADRD)

Competency in Employment

Competency to engage in an occupation

Competency to make a will

Competency to contract

Competency regarding medical care



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