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I bought a pair of your women's revolution tights a few months ago and I love them. I have worn them in several road half-marathons and trail races up to 22 miles. I have noticed a distinct difference in my ability to run downhill. I feel like the pants hold my knees in better alignment and I have less leg and lower back fatigue while running downhill. I am also impressed with how the pants have held up. I have worn them at least 10 times and they still have plenty of compression. My one suggestion is to make them a little longer. I am 5'5" and 115lbs, so I bought the size small. I do wish the pants were 1-2" longer because as I wear them, they come up on my leg and expose 1" of skin between my pants and socks. On road races, this is not a problem, but on trails, I prefer to cover my legs so as not to expose them to any poison oak, ticks, etc. Otherwise, the pants are an outstanding product. I think I may have to try one of your tops, too. Sherry C.



I had seen the CW-X running pants before but had been very skeptical. At the Chicago Marathon Expo, I decided to try them on... my mind said "boy, do they feel good!" Thus, I made an investment on them. Since I was running the marathon the day after, I did not wear them at the race. Sadly, Chicago was HOT and it was my worst marathon ever. I was sad, frustrated so (like any unreasonable runner) I signed up to run the Disney World Marathon less than 3 months after. I did all the training runs with my CW-X capri pants and this time I severely increased my mileage (I REALLY wanted to do well). As the weather cooled, I put on my old tights, and my mind responded "oh no, I don't think so!" Thus, I bought CW-X long pants (the long with awesome support and warm tights). I used those in all my four 22+ mile runs. MY BODY HELD UP!!! Aside from soreness, no injuries! Last Sunday came around, the day of the Disney World Marathon. Temperatures in the mid 40's, so my CW-X capris were with me and I wore them that marathon. Well, it was my BEST marathon ever!!! Not only my muscle held well during the race, but my recovery went well too! I know it was due to the CW-X gear, so I thank you for inventing it!!! 

Isabel C. Escobar, Ph.D. Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering 

Acting Director of Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women 

Interim Assistant Dean for Research Development and Outreach College of Engineering 

Associate Editor, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy An AIChE Publication




I've been an avid fitness runner for years, but have never run anything longer than a half marathon, and have never joined a team. So, this summer I joined a novice running team to train for a marathon. 

Well, after my 14 mile run, my legs were aching horribly, so I went to a little store in Westboro, MA called PR Running and asked about compression tights. Under the advice of the owner, I bought a pair of CW-X Expert Pro capri length tights. They changed my running world, as on my 15 mile run, my legs weren't fatigued or aching in the slightest. 

Word gets around. Our team is almost all female, and we love to talk, and I talked a lot about my amazing tights. So the next week, my friend Jill had a pair, and gushed about her tights when we finished our long run. Then Sara bought a pair the next week. Then Holly. Then Ana and Nicki and Sulma and Jenny and Kate. Then Sandy and Erin and Erin (yes, two of them!) and Suzanne and Carmen. I tried to count them all and I figured that 15 women bought 25 pairs of tights (some of us bought 2-4 pair ‹ short, long, insulated). 

In the end, we deemed them "magic pants", and that's what they still are. We finished the Cape Cod Marathon this past Sunday, October 31, 2010. We had times ranging from 3:25-6:07 and everything in between. I personally ran it in 4:41, which is fine by me. I'm thrilled I finished. I can improve my time on the next one. 

So I've included some photos for you. We took a photo of some of us in our "magic pants" before the race, and a photo of us after, and there's one of my friend Nicky and me at mile 5 and another of us crossing that glorious finish line. I'm in the sunglasses, smiling all the way. And in all the photos, you'll see that CW-X logo shining in the sun. All because my legs hurt after mile 14 way back in August. 

Your unofficial sales rep,
Heidi White



I am an avid runner and I just wanted to say THANKS!!! I had a fairly severe knee injury from a fall during a triathlon and it took me awhile to get back into running. I am not sure why I even thought to try CW-X compression but I am so glad that I did. It has allowed me to return to running at a competitive level and I am so grateful. I can't tell you how many other products and brands I have tried--but none come even close to matching your compression tights. I now own 4 pairs and will probably try some of your other products. In fact, I used my favorite CW-X tights for the chicago marathon last month and noticed I was not alone....There are so many other compression brands out there....and believe me...I have tried them all over the past 6 months....but I am sold on CW-X.....Thanks!!! 

Erin Hart



I have been running on and off of the past couple of years. This year I decided to start running half marathons. I often have leg cramps while running and this summer I had hamstring tendonitis in my right leg. I saw an ad for your products and decided to research them a little more. The testimonials listed on your webiste played a huge part in my decision to purchase a pair of the stability tights. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about whether they would perform as advertised. However, I am totally a believer now. I wore my tights for the Baltimore Half Marathon and my legs felt incredible. I didn't have any issues with cramps, my knees felt well supported, and I don't have any soreness in my legs today. 

Thank you for such a great product and it was money well spent. I can't wait to expand my CX-W wardrobe and I would recommend your products to all my friends in a heartbeat! 

Theresa Gray 



1. I felt that the tights were much cooler than I expected.  Given the weight of the fabric, I honestly thought that the shorts would contain the heat generated during my work out.  I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped outside, and it felt like I was actually standing there in shorts (granted I was, because I was wearing shorts over the tights). 

2. I really liked the feel of the strapping on my knees.  They almost felt like I was wearing a brace, without having to constantly pull on the brace.  (I have huge thighs - as in 26" - and most braces I wear have a tendency to either cut off circulation or slide down over my knee). 

3. They were easy to run in, and prevented the dreaded chaffing.   I love them!  Thank you. Sincerely, DJ



Thanks! Moreover, I wanted to give you a testimonial about my use of the Pro Shorts. On June 12th, one week before a marathon, in which I had been training four months to prepare, I strained my left hamstring. I was doing a 6 x 400 workout, having completed three of the intervals. About 100 meters into my fourth 400, I felt a pain in my hamstring and pulled up immediately, not being able to walk without severe pain. I had to call for a ride home, since I was not at a track, but rather out in the country using my GPS for timing/ measuring. 

I knew my marathon was over before it even started. I called my trigger point massage therapist and scheduled an appointment. But in the mean time, at about 12:30 AM Sunday morning, I was so worked up I couldn't sleep and wondering how I was going to deal with this. Then I thought of your CW-X shorts/ tights. I have seen them advertised etc for a few year's, but really didn't have a need because I'm never injured. 

I saw my first in person pair of your tights & shorts out at Boston in one of the running shops on Boylston St. Again, never injured, so I passed, but had them on my mind. Shortly after my thought, I went to my computer and ordered a pair from Zappos. I received my Pro Shorts on Tuesday evening via UPS. I tested them out on Wednesday before I saw my trigger point massage therapist again. I was encouraged by how I felt. 

I related this thought and told him of my purchase for which he said, don't get to cocky, this is serious. I drove up to Duluth, MN the next day for Grandma's Marathon, to be held on Saturday, June 19th. I lined up at the start not knowing if I could run 26 meters let alone 26 miles. Needless to say, I not only ran the 26 miles, I actually competed and finished with a 3:19. I am a 51 year old guy and that was my 100th marathon finishing 21st of 339 in my age group and 372 of 7,000+ entrants. I was happy and wanted to share that with you. 

I can't tell you to what degree or what % helped, but when my trigger point massage therapist said this was serious, I still ran with confidence after his body work and the use of my Pro Shorts. I am still in the post marathon recovery mode, but I had previously signed up for a ultra style marathon course called Dances with Dirt/ Devil's Lake in Wisconsin. I will be wearing my Pro Shorts for that event as well, but just running for fun, also hoping for the same result! I'll be looking into the tights once the weather cools down. Thanks! 

Richland Center, WI



I am writing to tell you my first impressions with the running tights you sent me. I can only say they are amazing! I can't believe what an immediate impact they had. I have been dealing with an ITBand strain for the last month or so and went right out and ran 6 miles virtually pain free. The fit is perfect and I can really feel the support from the kinesio web. The other thing I noticed was how they seemed to propel me forward. I ran the 6 miles in a personal best time. No real muscle fatigue was noted and my energy level was great!! I was very impressed. I did feel the material bunch up behind my knees a little, but I attribute this to the fact that I hadn't washed them yet. I will give another report to you after a couple of washings. I look forward to hearing from you and will be spreading my critique as I have many patients and runners who are looking forward to hearing. P.S. I noticed alot of CW-X gear at the Ogden marathon on Saturday, May 15th. 




CW-X saved my Half Marathon AND my IT band 

We all know how it goes; one puts weeks, even months into training, and then less than two weeks before a goal race, an injury crops up! It's the saga of training for the distance runner, a continual crap shoot where one never knows what the dice will hold once the mileage builds. 

I was just coming off of a 30k race, looking forward to the MORE Women's Half Marathon in Central Park. A dream last September saw me floating along the path in this locale, enjoying the sunshine, the foliage and the NYC flavor. So when Mel, a friend from Manhattan asked me in October if I'd run the MORE Half with her, I answered "yes" in a heartbeat. One of these days, I've got to have the sanity of that hearbeat checked, but I doubt that it will be anytime soon. 

My training was rock-solid. I had the best base that I'd had in years, and my pace, while never speedy, was getting to be that of a middle-of-the-packer. I had survived my 30k race the previous month with no problems, so there was no reason to doubt that I'd be able to run a half mary in under 2:30:00. Yeah, right; that was when my right illiotibial band reared its' ugly head. 

There was just 1-1/2 weeks to go before the MORE Half. I had paid for the race...paid for the "in training" shirt...paid for the airflight. Apparently I was supposed to pay for this race in blood, as a four-mile training run at a 10:00 pace left me limping. I never felt the IT band tear, but three hours later, I was hobbling. 

What to do? I iced, stretched, had a sports massage, and took four days off. The right hip was still tender. Since this race already had a sizeable investment of time and money, I really wanted to pull it off. That's when CW-X came in. I was suitably impressed with a set of long tights by CW-X over the winter, and I've also been wearing one of your jogbra models quite comfortably. Perhaps it was time to lash the IT band into place with a pair of CW-X capris. 

Fleet Feet Buffalo had a pair in my size. Let me tell you, CW-X is the runner's equivalent of skinny jeans. Putting them on requires a bit of wiggling and hopping, but once in, they look great and they really perform. I was able to run easy with these in the days leading up the MORE Half, and it gave me hope that I might be able to complete the course, although I wasn't sure if meeting my time goal was feasible. 

So it's race day. Remember that dream of running along in Central park with the sunshine and the flowers? Replace that with a steady douse of rain for the entire race, and you have the setting for the MORE Women's Half 2010. Those flowers I dreamed about probably loved it, if they didn't drown in the constant deluge of water. 

Mel and I started out decked out in our garbage bags. We emerged from these cocoons at mile one, although as butterflies go, we were pretty soggy. The race conditions, combined with the hills of Central Park (which we got to run twice...yay!), took their toll; both my friend and I had to make a pitstop along the race course at one point. The lines at the portajohns were long, and although hiding in a bush in NYC to relieve myself wasn't at the top of my "bucket list", I can now say that I've left my mark in Central Park. The cost to my finisher's time was missing my chip time goal by just one minute. According to my training watch, I was 31 seconds UNDER my time goal; I'll take it! Best of all, although the IT band was aware that a race had occurred, I hadn't re-injured it. As a matter of fact, I was able to run with a training group back home the very next day. 

Thank you, CW-X, for keeping my injury in check. I am absolutely amazed that your capris allowed me to train while healing, and went on to help me fulfill a dream by running a race in Central Park. Oh yeah...that dream. Perhaps I'll get the sunshine this Fall when I run the NYC Marathon. You can bet I'll be wearing CW-X for that race! 

Run with joy,



Attached, see some pictures of the last 4desert race in Atacama, with over 50ºC. CW-X was widly used, many runners using the brand. 

I am the older guy number 130. I used the top for 6 days 24 hours, run with it and sleep with it, did not smell at all. 

As you may know Time magazine named this the toughest foot race in the planet, taking into consideration, the distance, terrain, temperature, camp facilities, etc. 




Good day, 

I felt the need to e-mail your company after ordering my CW-X sports bra. 

I have never been a great runner nor inspired to be. I always found it to be a pain... literally. I am a 36 D... that and running have never really coinsided. 

I have been wearing my new bra for the passed two weeks and I actually look forward to running! I love it! I have spent probably $1000's of dollars since I was a teenager on sports bra's that just don't work. This has honestly been the best athletic purchase I have ever made! I have told all my friends that are about the same size (and smaller) about this fabulous product. They have all asked for the web site and plan on making purchases as well. 

Your company was great to order from and convenient. I received my item in a timely fasion and look forward to purchasing more athletic attire in the new future. 

Thanks for letting me finally enjoy running! 
From a very happy customer. P.S. I should add that I have never e-mailed or felt the need to respond to a company for a purchase that I had made and was happy with.



To whom it may concern at CW-X, 

This is a fan letter...
I am writing to tell you how much I love the CW-X Xtra Support Bra. I have struggled to find the perfect sports bra for what feels like my whole life. As a high school athlete in the mid-ninety's I struggled to control my ever growing  DD breasts, finding the only solution to layer 2 sports bras. As an adult I discovered the joy, pain, and accomplishment of marathoning, however, I struggled to find a sports bra that eliminated bounce and did not chafe. After many unsuccessful trials, I found the CW-X Xtra Support Bra. Besides my running shoes it is my most essential piece of gear. I love it, and recommend it to anyone who will listen. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

- Shannon



1. I felt that the tights were much cooler than I expected.  Given the weight of the fabric, I honestly thought that the shorts would contain the heat generated during my work out.  I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped outside, and it felt like I was actually standing there in shorts (granted I was, because I was wearing shorts over the tights). 

2. I really liked the feel of the strapping on my knees.  They almost felt like I was wearing a brace, without having to constantly pull on the brace.  (I have huge thighs - as in 26" - and most braces I wear have a tendency to either cut off circulation or slide down over my knee). 

3. They were easy to run in, and prevented the dreaded chaffing.   

I love them!  Thank you. 




I have been running for many years, but the Disney Half, which I ran with TNT, last weekend was my first race. (I am 58 and ran it in 2:17:09.) I am a 36C, and I can remember the days of putting bandaids and tape under my overly tightened regular bras so that I would not, yet again, be rubbed raw when I ran. I was thrilled, temporarily, a number of years ago when so-called sports bras were available. They had snaps, thick seams, hooks, and plastic or metal tighteners that were uncomfortable OR so "smashed" my breasts that I could hardly breathe. I have spent a small fortune on unacceptable versions of a sports bra; and I just settled for the best of the not-very-good ones. 

A few weeks ago I was wandering in a running store, looking at clothing, and happened to notice the word "Wacoal" on a running bra tag. (I've been wearing Wacoal bras for years.) It was black with a light blue trim and clearly had some "space" for na-nas. I tried it on and got very excited. I wore it during some distance training runs and liked it, which meant that I did not have to pull at it and notice that I was wearing it. 

I wore it Saturday during the Disney Half Marathon. While the temperature and precipitation were unpleasant, the CW-X was a dream. I did not notice it. I will get 2 more of them this week. I will also tell every female runner I know to try it. It IS more expensive than others on the market, but it is well worth it. 

I thank you, my body thanks you, and my breasts thank you. 

- Martha



I am writing you to tell you what an awesome product CW-X is! I have a couple of pairs of the running tights and usually wear them on my long runs. I ran the NYC Marathon this past Sunday and I cannot tell you what a difference those tights made for me! I am a believer and a true customer forever! My legs were so fresh, my knees felt great the whole run and my thighs and hamstrings to boot! I am just so excited about these tights now. I am a tri-athlete and I will be wearing your athletic clothes from here on out! I believe in the technology that your company brings to the table. Thank you for making an awesome product that allows me to perform at my best! 

Kindest Regards, 
Michele Locke 



I have been wearing my CW-X capris for all of my training for my first race ever - the Oil Creek 100. I ran in the 50K. I have had knee problems, and encountered pain in the final 12 miles, but, honestly, the knee support in the capris allowed me to finish the race. Thanks for such a wonderful product!! Tambra Warner Sabatini



Hallie Love wears CW-X Stabilyx Tights and a CW-X Insulated Support Top in an Advanced Pilates Reformer demonstration. She is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Therapist 500 and certified in Pilates on all apparatus by the PhysicalMind Institute in New York. 



CW-X even holds in cellulite?! 

Hannah Sandling discusses the merits of CWX Tights 

Click "more" to view her video below.



A number of years ago, after an injury to my knee, I purchased a pair of your tights and capris. I used them through my recovery and later kept them for more distance events in-line skating and hiking. Last month when I went to hike the Inca Trail I took them with me, saving them for the most difficult day up to Dead Woman's Pass. It was a difficult hike up, and then more downhill. When I got done that day I was exhausted, but my legs were not. I attribute that to the tights. I intended to wear them the next day but decided they were too 'pungent' to wear again and when I finished regretted not wearing them then next 2 days, or buying more pairs to bring with me. Those subsequent days were easier, but still had very tall stairs (and I am quite short) so my legs could have used the support. Attached is a picture of me in my tights (under my zip off convertible pants, sans legs) as I reached the summit of Dead Woman's Pass. Carol Hainline



Dear CW-X: 
I have never, ever written to a company before, of any kind, to rave about their products. However, I have seldom been as pleased with a product as I have been with your tights. 

Simply put, my post-run muscle fatigue is remarkably reduced, and my recovery time is remarkably quickened, by wearing your tights. I don't have a lab setting here, and I can't prove it, but I've been running for years, and I clearly know what to expect for recovery time for certain distances/intensities. Or knew. one winter in your insulated tights has pretty much thrown all of that out the window. With few exceptions, now no matter how far I go I come back, hop in the shower, walk around a little, and feel great afterwards. I was never that sore before -- at 5'9"" and 135 lbs, and what people who study these things tell me is an efficient stride, I'm not undergoing too much pounding -- but now is just better. A lot better. 

As for the price, yeah, they seemed somewhat spendy at first, at something over $100 for the cold-weather tights. But if I think about how much money I spend on other aspects of my running gear, let alone how much I have (emotionally) invested in this and how important running is to me, it's not even an issue. (Not to mention that these will last through several pairs of shoes, and one pair of shoes costs as much as the tights.) The only reason I'm on the site now is to buy a second pair so I can wear them all spring/summer. 

Finally, I'll admit to being on the top-quarter-of-the-field side of things (1:30ish half, 3:25ish marathon, sometime better. typically 7 to 7:30s in training), and, I'm sorry to say it, sometimes skeptical of midpack runners' comments. I'm a snob to say it, and I'm sorry, but I was still wondering what faster runners thought about them. For anyone else out there who's as elitist as myself about this (and I'm sure you exist), I think these are fantastic. Again, I'm back on the site to buy a second pair, to wear them year-round. 

Thanks for the great product! 

G.K. Ann Arbor, Michigan



Helloooooooo ladies and gentlemen, 

If you have time today/tomorrow please purchase current issue of Sports Illustrated. Edition section have fantastic picture of Erin Hamlin winning Gold medal at the World Luge Championships. Also story on her and Mark and Brian winning bronze medal. Story saying that this another Miracle on Ice. 

Attached picture is from that edition of Sports Illustrated. Itís the first page of real content. Pardon the low quality scan, but I wanted you to see it ASAP. Go out and buy a few copies! 

Thanks for being a big part of Erinís win! Off course Markís and Brian also and the whole team. Julia Clukey finished in 5th place, followed by Ashley Walden in 7th. Ashleyís husband Bengt had his personal best by finishing in 6th place. This would not be possible with out your support, friendship and care. We are grateful to you all of you. Donít forget to tune in over the weekend to You will see team competing in Calgary and the following weekend in Vancouver. Big hug to all of you. D



Just wanted to let you all know how much I love your tights and what an improvement they have made in my running. I bought a pair of Stabil-X on a whim while buying new running shoes 3 weeks ago. I wore them for a 10 mile run and immediately saw the benefits. My knees and hips are usually sore and tight after a long run and I didnt even feel like I had to stretch! Someone in the store told me I would feel like I had a personal masseuse running with me and boy, was he right! I felt like my hips were being held in perfect allignment. I usually dont like wearing tights unless its cold but tried these out in the gym for a treadmill run and a spin class and they didnt bother me a bit. I have subsequently bought a pair of ventilator tights, shorts and 3/4 stabil-x. I wore the 3/4 length tights for the Rock and Roll Marathon Arizona this past Sunday. Not only did I beat my Marine Corps Marathon time in October by 6 minutes (3:31:17), but my legs never tired! And today, 2 days later, I am not sore at all!! (I will add to that I havent run more than 11 miles in a training run since the Marine Corps Marathon!)They are truely amazing. So you know, I have been singing their praises everywhere - in the office, at the gym and at the marathon this weekend - I think about 20 people have bought a pair on my compelling recommendation! I just signed up for the Boston Marathon in April and will be wearing them for sure! Let me know if you ever need a spokesperson or someone to try any other products - I cant say enough good things about these tights! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I am sure you do not remember me, but I was the frantic runner who had to buy a new running bra just days before running the NYC Marathon. I was rushed and nervous about adding something new to my wardrobe without getting to test it out on the open roads. In the mist of my fears over which was the best bra to purchase, I mentioned that I had been experiencing a pain in my right leg and hip. In our discussion you mentioned the CW-X stablility pants and I was instantaly scared of another new item of clothing and very skeptical. 

I should provide some background that I am not a big believer in running clothes making a difference. I actually silently mock those runners that are perfectly dressed in the fancy running attire as ""running posers"". Now, I have emerged over the years and no longer wear cotton, but I still wear the same winter and summer running clothes that I have been wearing for over 10 years. They are tattered and old but they work and I love them. With that said, when you suggested that I abandon my running shorts (that I have trained in for 3 months) for these CW-X pants 4 days before the NYC marathon I was opposed. I refused and left your store, yet still contemplating the pants. I did research and then bombarded you on the phone with calls about these ""magical pants"". I have to say in the end the pain in my leg and my desire to finish the race won out and I took the plunge. 

The day before the marathon I did a test run in the pants. I ran 1 mile and it was a disaster. My legs felt heavy and the pants kept falling down. I could not imagine running 26.2 miles in the pants. I returned from my run upset and convinced I had just wasted $98 on another running item that would go into the ""running graveyard"". However as the day went on I realized that my ""heaven legs"" were due to a fever and I had a bit of the flu. Somehow my husband convinced me to give these magical pants a try. 

The day of the marathon the sky was blue and my fever had broken. I still had a bit of the stomach bug but I was determined to run this race, pants and all. I started the race and of course the power of the NYC marathon start took over and I was in heaven. The CW-X pants kept sliding for the first mile, but then they stuck into place and provided all the support I needed. I actually had no pain in my right leg and my legs felt lighter and lighter as the race went on. At the 24 mile marker I was full on sprinting and feeling great. 

My goal in this marathon was to beat my prior marathon times. I had run the NYC 3 years ago and finished in 5:07:00 and the Marine Corps and 10 years ago and finished in 4:35:00. My goal was to finish the NYC in under 4:30:00. Even with the stomach bug and having to stop for the restroom I was able to finish in 4:01!!!! I don't know if the speed came from myself or if it was the pants. Until I can figure it out I credit the pants. 

Thank you for your advice and expertise. I am now one of those ""running posers"" in that I can't imagine running without my pants! 

Sincerely Julie Zimmer



We wish to write our recommendation of the CWX garments we wore recently on our expedition through Tibet. The trip was late into winter where we battled high altitude conditions, long mountain pass climbs, gale force head winds, extreme temperatures and less than ideal road conditions. The garments performed beyond expectations. We wore long sleeve tops and a long legged bottom everyday for 6 weeks and often slept in them over night. After such intense use, the garments showed little evidence of punishment and decay and also minimal, if any odour. 

With constant demand on the body and a far from adequate dietary intake available, muscle recovery was remarkably good. We experienced very little muscle soreness despite being in the saddle for 6 weeks. They stabilised body temperature keeping it consistent. We feel the CWX garments had a lot to do with the fact that we were able to recover sufficiently and therefore back up for the following day. Also, due to the nature of the terrain e.g. dirt, gravel, mud, ice, undulating surfaces and carrying a load of 35kg each (it was a self sufficient trip), our joints held up very well. In fact, Brian had a reoccurring dislocation in the AC joint and myself a chronic knee problem going in and after completing the tour there was no exacerbated pain or injury which was a great relief. The garments proved their worth again offering support for the joints and keeping them in place. 

I am a Yoga teacher and practitioner also and after coming back to Australia 2 months past, have been wearing the garments between 16 ñ 20 times per week (which includes a few wears on the bike) and only now are they showing signs of some wear. 

I have worn other brands (Skins) of compression garments before and they offered nowhere near the same support and comfort. 

So overall we are very impressed. We have planned another trip in November where we will ride the Tasmanian trail, 477km through the middle of Tasmania, and look forward to slipping them on once more then. 

The CWX garments certainly made life a lot easier and allowed us to push ourselves a lot further than we would have without them. 

Kind regards and thanks, 




To Whom It May Concern: 
It is rare that a product is so fabulous that I have to stop and write that company. I purchased one of your sport bras and found it to be the most comfortable and best fitting jog bra I have ever worn...I promptly went out looking for another. It is nearly impossible to find a jog bra that has a large cup size that fits a narrow back...and... that you can wear as a sport top! It's the bra I run in every bouncing chafing...just one happy girl. I noticed all the on-line stores you recommended...but what retail stores carry your product? Thank you for addressing the larger busted but thin girls who made this runner a :-) girl 

Sincerely, M. M.



I spent this past weekend running the North Face 24 Hour Around the Lake Ultra. I had a wonderful experience and I personally want to take the time to say thank you to CW-X performance conditioning wear. During the event I got the nickname TIGHTS people kept asking why I was wearing tights on such a hot day. Itís true I was wearing tights but of course they werenít just any old pair of tights they were the CW-X Ventilator Tights. I ran in them for the entire race, they became a part of me and it made a huge difference in my performance, giving my legs the support they need in all the right places. As the day grew hotter and hotter I thought I would have to change into a pair of shorts but the CW-X Ventilator Tights kept my body core cool even when the temperature rose. Just one amazing piece of gear Iíll never be without. On top of that I managed to finish in 1st place! Iím feeling good, resting the legs and enjoying the moment. Thank you CW-X for being there every step of the way. 

Sincerely, R. P.



Your Expert Tights rock and the LiteFit Top is great! In fact, I wore my LiteFit Tops in the Primal Quest Montana 2008 race where my team placed 19th out of 58 teams. It was a brutal race, but at least we finished the full course which was our goal. The weight of the shirt is perfect. We had huge temperature swings in Montana. Almost 90 degrees some days and then in the upper 40ís at night. I would just push the sleeves up during the heat of the day and then pull them down at night. It was the perfect base layer. It was warm enough that I didnít need the Insulator Tights, but I did wear my Expert Tights and I think they helped get me through the race. My knee was acting up and then my IT band started tightening up. The tights seemed to help hold everything snug and get me through the long treks, especially the last one! Iíve told my Primal Quest team mates and friends to go to their local retailer and check the stuff out. Thanks for a great product! 

Chad Markle



I have been meaning to send you an email to let you know about the CW-X running tights I bought from you last week. I ran 17 miles on Saturday along T. H. between Dairy Ashford and Beltway 8 so I did have some hills incorporated in to the run. I have to say, I am impressed with the product. My legs did not fatigue during the run and more importantly, after the run my legs did not feel like I had just run 17 miles. I will wear these tights for all my long runs from now on. In fact, I want to take a look at the æ shorts and the triathlon shorts. 

Thanks, H



I was given a pair of your tights to use by Zack Wittkamp at The Runner's Source in Newport News, Va and I must say I was skeptical at first. I did a couple of trial runs in them and felt a bit less muscle fatigue than normal, so I thought there might be something to it. 

I raced my first ultra-marathon this past Saturday in them and all I can say is WOW! Keep in mind that this race is Mountain Mist 50K and is considered one of the toughest Ultra's in the SouthEast. I had minimal training coming into it and expected to have a sub-par performance. Well, let's just say that when your muscles are properly supported as they were by my CW-X tights, fatigue stays away for a much longer time. I placed 49th overall in a time of 5h 33m 46s and my legs felt great the entire time. The temperature was hoovering just above freezing, yet I never felt the chill in my legs throughout the entire race. I have attached a picture at around mile 20 of the race. As you can see, the CW-X tights were doing their job superbly. I think I may have to look into using your product for my Ironman and Kona attempts this year. 

Thanks Coach Dan



I had to share this. I gave my 17 year-old daughter a pair of Stabilyx for Christmas. The following is the text message she sent me right after she ran in them for the first time. 

""DAD! Wow. Those tights!.....Auh. You can't stop! You just keep going and going........THANK YOU!!!"" 

Great product, thanks to you, my wife has a pair. Then she bought me a pair for Christmas. We are all running happy. 

Have a great day. 

B. E.



I read about your product in Runner's World almost a year ago. The article discussed how using your product would create less fatigue when running which would in turn drop overall times while running. I was sceptical as I honestly did not believe a product such as clothing could actually make a difference. I am now a very firm believer in your technology and products. I purchased Stabilyx tights and shorts and used them through the year in both training and actual races. This year I had personal best times in the 10Km 42:14 previous time was 43:30, 1/2 Marathon 1:33:53 previous time was 1:37, Marathon 3:18 previous time was 3:39. The Marathon was very important as I was attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I did qualify and in doing so I drop 21 minutes off my Marathon time!! 

Thanks for a great product. 

R. M.



On Sunday, November 4, I ran the New York City Marathon wearing the CW-X Pro tights and ran the best marathon of my life so far. My previous best was 2:58:15, on the fast, flat Chicago course and that day I ran 2:51:07 on the more challenging New York course. I kept thinking of your ads: ""Here's David Buth with the 7:08 he dropped off his marathon time wearing CW-X pro tights."" 

I trained well, of course, and was encouraged by many inspiring people. I also set my mind on a goal and went for it. But these are things I do every race. 

Running up First Avenue and on into the Bronx, I felt strong and fast and fresh. I wasn't in any pain until mile 24. Usually I start to wear down around mile 16-17, fight through a rough stretch at 21-22, and then just gut it out, but it was really different this time. Different enough that I have set my goal for the spring race to 2:44 and am confident I will make it. I also attribute it to your product enough that I have ordered insulated pro tights and top for winter training. 

D. G. B.



In August of 2007 I set out on my first ultra-marathon, Mt. Disappontment, and suffered a severe injury to my left calf. By the end of the run it was twice the size of my right. The Dr. put me down for eight weeks of rest and anti-inflamitories. I need to start training for my next ultra-marathon, Twin Peaks, and the thought of having a compression pant to help me out came to my mind. I ran this by my Dr. and he told me it was a good idea. So off to my local running store, The Snail's Pace, and my man John told showd me the new Stabilyx running tights. He told me all about your product and informed me they were the Cadillac of all running tights. My training has started and I can honestly say I wouldn't want to run in anything else. I warm-up faster, recover quicker, stay warm when in the cold and cool when it is hot. 

Stabilyx is the BEST. 

Keep up the good work. Regards, M. M. V.



wanted to share something with you folks. 
so. i had hamstring surgery last year (2006) for a chronic injury that just would not heal. I was told my days as an endurance athlete were over, that a repaired hamstring could not rehabilitated to be a strong as one that strengthened naturally. 

of course, my response was is to say ""fuck that, i'll show you"" 

so rehad was long. lots of setbacks due to my impatience and drive. then, in October of that same year, I was given a pair of cw-x expert half tights, and pro full tights by a friends of mine who is also a physical therapist. her comment was that she felt like while i was doing the rehabilitation program in the clinic, returning to running wearing the cw-x products would help me to remain balanced and enhance total muscle performance. As I am sure you know, not running means not only were my hamstrings weak, the rest of my muscle beds needed reconditioning as well. 

so, without getting into details. i am back at full strength almost 10 months later. along the way, i was able to finish second at the american river 50 mile, the second largest and competitive 50 miler in the US. my mileage and strength have moved past where I was prior to injury and I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. 

I can say from October 11th, 2006 until April 29th, 2007 I wore cw-x tights on every one of the runs I did, including my 50 mile race. I have since continued to wear them occasionally through the summer months, and will resume wearing them full time once the temp dips below 90. BTW. did you know the half tights work really, really well in the rain? 

I have thanked my PT. I also wanted to thank you, as well . 

website for the 50 miler: 

results for 2007: 

Take Care 

S. W.



I have been running since 1978 and have been in search of a good running bra ever since. At last, 29 years later I have found a bra that is comfortable, supportive and doesn't chafe. I have run with 2 bras, bras from NASA, under amour, Nike, Addias, Rebok, Brooks, etc and none have given me the support that I get with my cw-x. I have worn it to race a 15K as well as in a duathlon with a 2 mile race and a 5K. It didn't even chafe me in 90 degree heat. I bought it based on a recommendation from Joan Osborne who co owns The Running Place in Newtown Square, PA. It felt right the minute I tried it on. I am so pleased to finally be able to run and not worry about chafing or bouncing. I should have known it was good when I read that the parent company is Wacoal. I only wear Wacoal as my everyday bra. It to is comfortable and provides good support as well as shape. 

D. D.



The CW-X sports support bra and shorts are an athlete's dream. They provide support for sprints, feel and look great, and are comfortable while being functional. I wear CW-X at home, even when I'm not training! 

B. J. B.



Hi there, 
I have recently purchased a pair of Women's Conditioning Wear Pro Tights, and I wanted to give you some feedback. 

I have had a back injury which has plagued me for 15 years. I often have a lot of difficulty with the majority of excerise or sporting activities, and I regularly take pain killers. The back pain often creates a lot of muscular pain in my legs. 

Recently I decided to learn to ski, despite knowing the pain that I would incur. I took three lessons, and could barely walk afterwards, but I persevered. Then I read about Conditioning Wear in the local snow stores brochure (Snow Center, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand). Although somewhat expensive, I thought I would purchase some Pro Tights, in the hope that they would be effective. 

What a surprise I had after my next skiing lesson. I had almost no pain at all!!!! My physio is a tri-athelete, and I have told him (and everyone else I can) about Conditioning Wear, and how beneficial they are. So, I just wanted to say what a wonderful product you provide, and I just wish I could afford to buy a pair for every day of the week!! Thankyou!!! 

Kind regards, A. B.



I wanted to write and let you know that I'm SO pleased with my latest purchase of the CWX Firm Support Bra. I spoke to a sales rep at the Fargo Marathon Expo 2 weeks ago, and despite his knowledge, I was still sort of skeptical. Then, I was at my local Store and saw there were some different styles and I bought one. 

I tried it this morning, and despite being a 34D, I ran like I ran when I was 40# lighter and a mere 34A (if that). 

I'm actually going back to my local store to buy at least 3 more, and I'm planning on buying one for my mother, mother-in-law and 2 of my girlfriends. 

I'm in love, plain and simple. 

Keep up the good work! 




I'm a 25-year old former NCAA cross country runner, and I had my first child in March. Let's just say that before my pregnancy, I had no need for your product, but ""they"" grew at an astronomical rate during those first few months. I was piling on the sports bras just so I could run comfortably. My mother bought me one of your bras during my 4th month, and I am in love. 

I was able to run in relative comfort through my 8th month because of your product. I just bought another one of your bras, so now the first one doesn't have to get washed every day! I'm just really grateful, and I wanted to thank you. Now my sport doesn't have to cause me pain because I'm a newly-busty nursing mother. Thank you!!!! 

C. K.



My boyfriend and I are active cyclists here in Florida and are also mountain hikers. Unfortunately, we each are regulars at the dermatologist for melanoma and other skin cancer issues, so I bought the Lit Fit long sleeve shirt for myself and one for my boyfriend. We LOVE THEM. They are cool and breathable even in the bright midday sun. They are FABULOUS! 

Question: Can you please design a pair of biking pants that are full length, with the lower torso support of your Stabilyx design and the leggings with the Lit Fit technologist? PLEASE??? 

Let me know if you can put that on the drawing board. You would be ahead of market curve, and it would be an incredible opportunity to start promoting the SPF protection aspect of your clothing. Gratefully Yours, 

L. B.



Great to see you once again at the Boston Marathon Expo...and thanks for the Vaseline tip. As you likely know, the weather was not nearly as bad as predicted, but was something less than ideal for sure. As it turned out, I wore my CW-X Insulator top on race day with great success. I'd never worn that top on more than a 16 mile training run, so I was a bit reluctant to wear it on race day. I can honestly say that I could not have been happier. The weather (and apparent temp.) changed quite a bit over the course of the 3:01:43 it took me to get from Hopkington to Boston, and my core temperature was nearly perfect throughout. No chills, very limited sweating. My time was 5 minutes off my marathon PR, but for that course, on that day, I am very pleased with my results. Thanks again for the pro-deal...the tights and the top got me through some tough winter training in Downeast Maine! Feel free to contact me should you want any additional feedback.

Warm Regards, 

T. F. T.



Dear CW-X, 
I just had to write to you! I am an extremely frugal, picky runner who rarely dishes out compliments,......BUT.......I bought myself your running tights for Christmas this year, and they are just plain amazing! The support is far better than any of your competitors! I overcame a terrible calf strain because of the support the tights gave me. Also, I went flying on the ice about a month ago and landed directly on my tailbone (OUCH!) but because of the lower back support, I have been able to run through the injury and I'm healing well. I even wore the tights under my clothes to work on days when the above-mentioned injuries were bothering me. 

I love them so much that tomorrow, when FINALLY it is going to be warm enough (I live in Massachusetts...) that I can run in just shorts, I almost hate to not wear my CW-X tights. They give me such outstanding support that I can run on days when various muscles are giving me these little twinges and I'm fine. I'm one of those crazy runners who runs every day (was out in a thunderstorm today) so I get those ""twinges"" often. 

Anyway, these tights must have been designed by a real runner because they are perfect. So, what I'm trying to say is ""THANK YOU!"" I hate to spend money, and these were your most expensive model, but they are worth every penny. ALso, they fit just right! You really have a winner with this product 


J. R. 

PS They even wash and dry well. I hope they will last for more than a year. I also hope the elasticity doesn't harden up over the summer, in other words, I hope that when I pull them out late in the fall they are still just like now. Should I use any special detergent? ...thanks again



We just ran a 50 miler in Salt Lake City - good training for us Florida Boys! I dragged a new recruit to the Ultra scene out there with me - my buddy Brad Howe. He had been having some trouble with his IT band of late and I convinced him to order a pair of the pro tights from you guys... he did it and ran the first 15 miles with them on. He switched over to shorts at the aid station, got about 200yards down the trail and then turned around. He went back to the aid station, put the tights back on and motored on down the trail. He said the difference was remarkable! He continued the next 35 miles gushing about how much of a difference these CW-X pro tights made. We finished 34 & 35 of 74. With his first Ultra in the books, he even borrowed my pair to wear under his pants on the flight back home! I think we have a real convert here! 

Your gear is the Best, I am a customer for life! 

M. N.



I bought the Expert tights right before a skiing week at Jackson Hole-Grand Targhee. I have a frayed meniscus in my right knee and was just coming off a lower back muscle spasm. I am 57 and do not get to ski nearly as much as I did when I lived in Northern Virginia (I now live in Orange County, CA). I wore the tights both for Alpine and X-Country (flat-track, the snow was too poor for backcountry). I skied all the trails except black diamond at Targhee for two full days (7 hours each day) and flat-tracked for 3.5 hours for two days. My knee never hurt. My lower back never hurt. My quads were sore from not skiing for a year, but not enough to stop me. These are great technical wear, especially for those of us that are boomers and have abused our bodies over the years. I will buy more of these tights, perhaps upgrading to the Pro or Stabilyx tights. I will recommend these to others. (I purchased at 

J. D. K.



Dear CW-X: I recently saw an advertisement in Runners World for your Stabilyx conditioning tights and bought a pair online. Less than 24 hours later, I competed in a 5K road race, wearing the new tights. Not only did I significanlty improve my time, but many of the other runners were interested in, and complementary of, the tights - best of all I won the award for the fastest female runner in the 60-64 years age group. Thank you for making a great product: I'll never race again without my CW-X's! With best regards, 

M. D.