Women's Sport Support Bra

80% COOLMAX/ 20% LYCRA fabric with flat seams. Targeted Web Technology.

The Sport Support Sports Bra's revolutionary support and comfort means more pleasant workouts.

Colors: #001 Black | #100 White Sizes: 32 B/C, 34 B/C, 36 B/C


#001 Black

#100 White





The Sport Support Bra features CW-X's Soft Support System, which balances optimum comfort and support to create the ultimate versatile sports bra. From hiking to biking to skiing, the Sport Support Sports Bra functions for activities ranging from low to high impact. The Soft Support System has mesh webbing built into the cup of the bra that prevents excess motion. So basically, with the Sport Support Sports Bra there is no uncomfortable bouncing around. The Soft Support System also maintains a comfortable level of compression, so you won't feel squished in but you will feel secure. In addition to the bra's incredible comfort and motion control, the Coolmax fabric wicks-away moisture so you'll stay dry. You can wear this CW-X sports bra as under or outer wear.











For a woman in motion, breasts bounce up before they bounce down. Fortunately, the Sport Support bra features the 5-point inner cup Targeted Support Web™, designed to reduce that initial upward bounce. The Targeted Support Web is composed of five interconnected inner cup straps that works in concert with the shoulder and base straps to create a soft suspension system that is comfortable yet highly supportive. Coolmax® fabric provides moisture wicking so you stay cool and dry. UV Protection Rating 40 UPF 40+.