Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about CW-X® sportswear.

Q. What does CW-X® mean?
A: It is the name of a new category of engineered apparel. Beyond clothing, it is high-performance equipment.
Q. So what exactly is CW-X®?
A: It is kinesiologically-engineered apparel. Anatomically-precise conditioning wear designed to enhance the body's performance, from warm-up to recovery.
Q. How exactly does it do that?
A: With four-way stretch fabric and a patented conditioning web mirroring the lines of human anatomy. CW-X® bands muscles and joints into a unity nature didn't see fit to provide, increasing the body's efficiency and diminishing fatigue.
Q. What is the Conditioning WebTM?
A: Following the dictates of anatomy, the conditioning web is a built-in taping system whose precise, gentle pressure stabilizes joints and promotes muscle balance. It enhances energy and diminishes fatigue.
Q. Who makes CW-X®?
A: Wacoal Sports Science Corporation in NYC makes and markets the CW-X® brand, in concert with parent company Wacoal, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Wacoal has studied kinesiology for forty years, collecting data from over 30,000 people and developing clothing along the dictates of human anatomy.
Q. What is kinesiology?
A: It is the science of movement. The study of the human body in motion.
Q. What sports can benefit from CW-X®?
A: Any sport that challenges your body to move. Whether you run, climb or bike, or test your knees, thighs and lower back on ski slopes.
Q. What is Lycra and Coolmax?
A: Two revolutionary Dupont fibers have merged to form the fabric of CW-X®. Lycra gives an athlete comfort and superior stretch resistance. Coolmax, the fastest drying fabric in the world, keeps its wearer cool in summer and warm and dry in winter.
Q. What season is best for wearing CW-X®?
A: All seasons. In summer, the wicking of moisture keeps you cool and dry. In winter, this base layer keep you dry and warm, and combined with the Conditioning Web (TM), insulates you with two layers of fabric.
Q. What makes CW-X® unique?
A: It is born of a 40-year of study of kinesiology. It has earned an astonishing 15 patents in the U.S. alone. It is the first anatomically-engineered apparel, worn by athletes as diverse as Olympic athletes, World Cup soccer players, Tour de France cyclists, and Major League baseball players.