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Brava Partners' Program

Provides the greatest benefits to clients in today's global markets.

BRAVA fosters, encourages and actively solicits cooperative working relationships with professional associates, fellow Society for Human Resource Management, Members of the American Psychological Association APA, the National Board of Certified Counselors, the American Psychiatric Association, Forensic Professionals in Psychology and Accounting, Registered Nutritionists, and other professionals in world wide projects and on future endeavors. Our existing partners program allows us to implement and oversee projects, and to provide referrals.

We believe that successful collaborative efforts augment each organization's capabilities, and add diversity and richness to the resulting strategic outcomes. BRAVA can form strategic partnerships, implement and manage consulting assignments in ANY area of the world designated by our clients unencumbered by the restrictions of physicality.

If you individually or your organization is looking for partnering arrangements, BRAVA would welcome the opportunity. Please submit your letter of interest or your resume/CV or both to





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