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Cancer Nutrition Therapy in Preventing and Beating Cancer

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"The time has come to put major emphasis on the soil." i.e., change the underlying food, eating and drinking habits of humans to improve your own immune system!

2004 Isaiah Fidler, MD, Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Prebiotics and Probiotics - Friendly Bacteria

We humans have more bacteria in our gut than all the cells in our body. And, there is an ongoing struggle in gastro-intestinal (the gut) microflora between bifidobacertia (the good bacteria) and putrefactive bacteria (the bad bacteria). The typical diet (too much fat, sugar, and beef and not enough whole grains, fruits, vegetables) will often create a very lethal mixture of bacteria in the gut.

Over 40% of our immune system is located in the gastro-intestinal tract. Lymph nodes sit on your intestinal walls like armies with its main role to keep dangerous (bad) bacteria inside the gut from migrating into the bloodstream. And, disease-causing bacteria from the intestines can "slide" through the intestinal wall (translocation) that create life-threatening infections in the body.

Pre and Probiotics, the favorable good bacteria, act as "biological controls" within the gut to keep the nasty/bad bacteria under control and to keep it from translocation into the bloodstream and the body.

What happens in cancer patients is that antibiotics and chemotherapy "kill off" the good bacteria, which allows the bad bacteria to slide through the intestinal walls (translocate) an create life-threatening infections to the cancer patient with an already over-bombarded and weakened immune system.

It would be wise to develop and maintain healthy gut microflora (preponderance of good bacteria) through the use of fermented foods, like yogurt, and supplements with pre and probiotics.

Healthy bacteria (probiotics) help to:

  • produce essential vistamins (such as K and biotin)
  • generate a critical immune factor (IgA)
  • protect gut mucosa against translocation of bad bacteria into the bloodstream
  • improve the pH in the colon
  • aid in digestion and absorption of essential nutrients
  • reduce carcinogenic (cancer causing agents) by-products that are produced in the colon from putrefaction of fecal matter

Check out Pure Caps, Designs for Health and Metagenics pre-and probiotics supplements, including the Cleanse and Detox Programs to maintain healthy grasto-intestinal system to maintain your health, to fight and win the war on cancer, if diagnosed.




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