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Cancer Nutrition Therapy in Preventing and Beating Cancer

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"The time has come to put major emphasis on the soil." i.e., change the underlying food, eating and drinking habits of humans that provides the "cancer fertilizer" that allows cancer to grow and thrive! 2004 Isaiah Fidler, MD, Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Cancer LOVES sugar and corn syrup soft drinks, which are "Cancer Fertilizers"!! Cancer cells require sugar to grow.

The contemporary American and Western diet is an avalanche of sugar (in place of complex carbohydrates), corn syrup laden drinks, alcohol, little fiber, too much fat, reduced essential nutrients, and toxins overload that totally overwhelms the body's natural cancer defense mechanisms, i.e., a healthy immune system.

Americans consume 140 lbs of refined sugar per person each year in the form of sucrose (white sugar). And, Americans consume 15 billion gallons of corn syrup in soft drinks, 1.7 billion creme donuts, and 500 million sugar laden snacks each year. Cancer feeds directly on sugar, and elevating sugar and corn syrup in your body is like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire.

The abundance of food we eat is junk or "dead food" that incites people to eat too much (obesity and BMI over 25 is associate with cancer deaths), badly loading their bodies with fats and sugar providing the perfect "soil" for cancer to grow into mature, life-threatening tumors. Elevated blood glucose (too much sugar and corn syrup soft drinks) suppresses the body's immune function. Our bodies are not built to withstand the constant flood of sugars entering into our bloodstream. Sugar and corn syrup soft drinks slows down the immune system to a crawl.

Eliminate the following from your diet: white sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, corn syrup in any form, particularly soft drinks, maple syrup,molasses, and alcohol, except red wine, but no more than 1-2 glass of wine with dinner.

Avoid Aspartame, Equal, NutraSweet, Saccharin, Acesulfanme K sold as Sunette or Sweet One. Scientific studies have shown these products may be carcinogenic. Over 1 billion pounds of Aspartame has been sold in the US and has been linked to over a 250% rise in brain cancer!

Replace with Stevia or stevioside, Splenda or sucralose. Better yet, eliminate sweeteners entirely and simply enjoy the taste of food and add natural fruits to your diet. It's a beautiful planet from which humans evolved with an abundance of natural sweetness in fruits and dark chocolate. Just enjoy God's creations without the synthetic junk sweetners manufacturered for a profit at your own mortal expense, i.e., cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Stop feeding cancer with sugar and corn syrup soft drinks, and start feeding your immune system with nutrient dense foods (fruits & vegetables) and clean water to prevent cancer and to fight cancer, in conjunction with standard medical cancer treatments recommended by MD Oconologists, if diagnosed.

Ask yourself: Why are you eating and pouring into your body cancer fertilizers (sugar, corn syrup soft drinks, and alcohol which is more sugar) as the fuel and fertilizers for cancer cells to thrive and grow into tumors? To fight the "sugar" urge, just eat a small square or two of dark chocolate 70% or greater coccoa. Ask your grocer to bring it in or to locate it at your local shops.


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