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Cancer Nutrition Therapy in Preventing and Beating Cancer

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"The time has come to put major emphasis on the soil." i.e., change the underlying food, eating and drinking habits of humans to improve your own immune system! 2004 Isaiah Fidler, MD, Univ. of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Your Immune System is Your Army Assigned to Kill Cancer Cells, so take this system very seriously if you want to WIN the War!

Brava Nutrition's Win the War on Cancer Program!

A healthy adult body includes about 100 trillion cells, of which 20 trillion cells are immune factor cells that serve as your "garbage collector and your army" to fight disease and kill cancer cells. The immune cells are given the responsibility of killing the "not you, not your DNA" and all unfriendly cells, including bacteria, virus, yeast, dead cells, toxins, and tumor or cancer cells -- no small task! If you have cancer, then something is wrong - either stress, toxic burden, or malnutrition has weakened the immune system. Check Out Pure Caps Immune Support

People are bombarded daily with massive amounts of toxins to the point that your immune system is battling the toxins while ignoring cancer cells. The average American has 1,000 heavy toxic metals in our system that nearly shut down the ability of their immune system to engage in a fight to destroy cancer cells as they form, much less after cancer cells have formed blood vessels to obtain oxygen and nutrients from your body and grow into tumors encapsulated with collagen that literally blocks the ability of the immune system to recognize the abnormal cell is a cancer invader.

If your immune system is weakened and "distracted" fighting off toxins then your immune system cannot recognize and gobble up the cancer cells. Reduce your stress, eat nutrient dense foods, add Brava Nutrition Professional Brands Nutraceuticals to your daily "WIN the War Program", avoid sugar and corn syrup soft drinks, and detoxify your body 2 - 4 times per year.

A turbo-charged and healthy immune system is your frontline life-saving component in your battle to win the war on cancer. Sugar and corn syrup soft drinks slows down the immune system to a crawl. Professional brands vitamins, and nutraceuticals, and mushroom extracts have demonstrated an ability to bolster your immune functions to detect, recognize and kill off lethal invaders, particularly cancer cells, bacteria and virus.

Detoxify 2-4 times per year to boost your immune system, it is your front line defense to kill cancer cells before they grow blood vessels and become tumors encapsulated with collagen, which blocks the immune systems' ability to recognize the "not you, not your DNA" then kill the cancerous tumor. Check out these professional brands detox programs:

Pure Detoxification

Pure Detox Cleanse Program Brochure

DFH Detoxification

Nearly 40% of the immune system is in GI tract lymph nodes that stimulate immunoglobulins (Iga) that destroy cancer. Prebiotics and probiotics promote and maintain bacteria that decompose plant matter into butyric acid, a potent anti-cancer agent; and choline and lecithin -- all available in Brava Nutrition Nutraceuticals -- help eliminate toxins and serve as major protective nutrients for the liver.

Genestein, available in concentrated nutraceutical soy capsules or soy milk or soy beans, is one of the few agents on planet earth that may be able to revert a cancer cell back to a normal healthy cell, in a process called prodifferentiation, while reducing the effects of chemo and radiation treatments. Genestein (soy) from mother nature has been shown to inhibit both breast and prostate cancer. Check out Pure Caps Soy

Your immune system's primary job is to kill cancer, so take this system very, very seriously to protect it, support it, and turbo-charge your immune system (your personal "Star Wars" against disease) if you want to prevent diseases and cancer and WIN the war on cancer, if diagnosed!! Your life is so precious, please take the time to Check out DFH Detox Antiox; Pure Caps Detox, and all Brava Nutrition professional brands supplements and nutraceuticals.

At Brava Nutrition, we are confident and truly believe, supported by significant scientific research, that the little extra money you spend and healthy life-style changes you make may extend and save your life, to live it to the fullest, longest, and happiest for your full appreciation and enjoyment of your own life on planet earth.


Click here for Cancer Research Institute CRI Statement on the immune system and cancer:

"Conquering cancer through immunology is a bold idea for which the time finally has come. After many decades of research, it has now been established that the immune system can eliminate cancer. In much the same way that it recognizes and destroys infectious agents or damaged cells, the immune system can detect and eliminate cancer cells before they are able to form tumors that can endanger the body. Cancer develops when the immune system either fails to recognize cancer cells as foreign, or the immune response to cancer is suppressed or outpaced before it is able to fully eliminate cancer cells, enabling them to grow into malignant and clinically detectable tumors."

Click here to learn more about Cancer and the Immune System

Click here to learn more: Mayo Clinic Your immune system.


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