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Employment Law  Courses 52 Topics
The Employment Law library covers topics to prevent innocent oversights in the workplace that might place your business at risk. Example topics include: ethics, computer security, disease, discrimination and disability

Financial & Legal Compliance 1 Courses, 1 Topic
The Financial and Legal Compliance library offers training on ethical and legal reporting requirements, including mandates of the Sarbanes-Oxley law.

HIPPA Awareness 11 Courses 69 Topics
The HIPAA Awareness library provides health care professionals with the necessary online learning courses for HIPAA compliance training for all entities within an affected organization.

Managing and the Law 5 Courses 5 Topics
The Brightline Managing and the Law library includes practical skills and legal requirements for hiring, promoting, disciplining, and accommodating existing and potential employees.

Occupational Safety 52 Courses 267 Topics
The Occupational Safety library provides environmental, health and safety training that maps to OSHA compliance regulations and other regulatory standards. Example topics include: fire safety, chemical safety, asbestos awareness, and basic first aid

Preventing Workplace Harrassment 11 Courses, 11 Topics
The Brightline Preventing Workplace Harassment library includes a family of 9 varieties built to meet different educational needs (i.e. Supervisors, Spanish, CA, CT, and Refresher editions). It provides employees with the information they need to prevent and report sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment, and to comply with state and federal requirements.

The PureSafety Workplace Safety & Compliance 232 Courses, 232 Topics library offers industry leading courses to address safety and risk management issues. It includes Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Industrial online learning topics.

Sexual Harrassment 2 Courses 2 Topics
The Sexual Harassment library include online learning courses on the policies and procedures for preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace, including content to help organizations comply with the California mandate AB 1825.

Workplace Ethics 2 Courses 2 Topics
The Brightline Workplace Ethics library includes compliance and ethics training courses, satisfying the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

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