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Member of American Psychological Association APA

Society for Human Resource Management SHRM


Statement of Brava Test Administration Services:

BRAVA Corporation and none of its associates, affiliates or partners in the US, Canada or Brava Global Partners are selling Psychology Tests. 

We administer the tests you selected by internet computer access throughout the world, by computer CD, and by paper/pencil administration with an approved Test Proctor or Brava Partners or Personnel.

We are Licensed Counseling Psychologists and Licensed Professional Counselors & Member of the APA and SHRM.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services provides 1-Hour Pre-Test Consultation Services, Test Administration Services in compliance with the American Psychological Association Assessment Section 9 of APA Code of Professional Conduct and Test Publisher Manual/Administration. Then, we issue a Confidential Test Report and 1-Hour of Post Test Consultation Services included in the price for all of the Tests on the Brava Corporation site.

BRAVA Psychology Testing Services can provide you with a full description of each test, a sample report and price for Brava Psychology Test Administration.  We provide quantity discounts.

BRAVA has Test Administration partners has test administration capabilities throughout the US, Canada and Europe to administer psychology tests in compliance with the test publisher requirements. We partner with fellow Members of the APA to administer tests in your area.







Contact Us info@bravacorp.com for Test Selection Consultation, Test Description, Sample Report and Price for the following online testing for one or more individuals, quanity discounts, and to obtain Login/PW access to Brava HR online testing.

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Professional Assessments


ADVANCED NUMERICAL REASONING APPRAISAL Measure higher-level numerical reasoning skills in financial and non-financial professionals.

BENNETT MECHANICAL COMPREHENSION TEST Confidently assess mechanical aptitude for industrial and repair positions.

CORE ABILITIES ASSESSMENT Quickly assess the building blocks of success in any job – verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

DIFFERENTIAL APTITUDE TESTS Reliably assess various job aptitudes and skills with this proven test series.

GENERAL CLERICAL TESTAssess aptitude for success in any clerical position.

GOLDEN PERSONALITY TYPE PROFILER (FOR DEVELOPMENT ONLY) Drive higher performance by helping employees better understand their actions, attitudes, career goals, and preferences.

GORDON PERSONAL PROFILE – INVENTORY Discover how a candidate might fit into your organization by assessing nine universal traits.

INDUSTRIAL READING TEST Measure reading ability of individuals employed in industrial settings.

MINNESOTA CLERICAL TEST Use one of the best tests for clerical speed and accuracy.

MINNESOTA PAPER FORM BOARD TEST – REVISED Predict performance in mechanical, technical, engineering, and similar occupations.

MY THINKING STYLES Learn your thinking style and be more successful with your decisions, relationships, projects, and every aspect of your life.

OCCUPATIONAL: ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL Measure an applicant’s verbal ability, speed and accuracy, and work styles such as attention to detail, dependability, and stress tolerance.

OCCUPATIONAL: CUSTOMER SERVICE Measure an applicant’s verbal and numerical ability, speed and accuracy, and work styles such as concern for others, initiative, and persistence.

OCCUPATIONAL SOLUTION FOR MANUFACTURING Measure total job fit and success factors in seven key positions including production employee, engineering manager, and more.

OCCUPATIONAL SOLUTION FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES Measure total job fit and success factors in seven key positions including bank teller, accountant, and more.

PERSONNEL TESTS FOR INDUSTRY Learn an applicant’s basic verbal and numerical competencies (for industrial settings).

PERSONNEL TESTS FOR INDUSTRY – ORAL DIRECTIONS TEST Measure the ability to understand oral directions.

RAVEN’S PROGRESSIVE MATRICES Identify individuals with advanced observation & clear thinking skills who can handle complexity and ambiguity.

READING-FREE VOCATIONAL INTEREST INVENTORY – 2 Match interests with occupations for individuals with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, or intellectual disability.

SHORT EMPLOYMENT TESTS Predict an applicant’s performance in clerical and administrative jobs.

SOSIE – 2ND GENERATION Assess personality & values in one instrument. A profile of standardized scores displays the 20 basic dimensions of SOSIE.

VERSANT Ensure applicants and employees have the level of spoken language skills necessary to correctly assess a situation or understand a problem.

WATSON-GLASER CRITICAL THINKING APPRAISAL Assess and develop critical thinking ability in high-potential candidates, new managers, and future leaders.

WESMAN PCT Measure verbal and general mental ability in sales, management, and executive positions.

WORKPLACE PERSONALITY INVENTORY Measure personal work styles from the Department of Labor and predict how people will perform on the job.


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