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AUI Alcohol Use Inventory for Professionals

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[Interpretive and profile reports provided. Test administration by paper/pencil or computer with computer or hand scoring, not online internet administration.]

The Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI) provides a basis for describing different ways in which individuals use alcohol, the benefits they derive from such use, the negative consequences associated with its use, and the degree of concern individuals express about the use of alcohol and its consequences.

The AUI deals primarily with alcohol use. However, the AUI does give some indication of the subject's reported use and perceptions of the following drugs: caffeine, nicotine, marijuana/hashish, tranquilizers, barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, and hallucinogens.

The AUI test can be used by psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, chemical dependency counselors, and physicians to help:

  • Differentiate drinking styles and develop individual treatment plans
  • Provide an objective assessment of alcohol-related problems
  • Identify treatment-relevant classification of alcohol abusers based on DSM-IVĀ® classifications


  • Benefits
    SOCIALIM - Drink to improve sociability
    MENTALIM - Drink to improve mental functioning
    MANGMOOD - Drinking helps to manage moods
    MARICOPE - Drinking follows marital problems
  • Styles
    GREGARUS - Gregarious drinking versus solo
    COMPULSV - Compulsive drinking
    SUSTAIND - Sustained versus periodic drinking
  • Consequences
    LCONTROL - Loss of control over behavior when drinking
    ROLEMALA - Social role maladaption
    DELIRIUM - Psychoperceptual withdrawal
    HANGOVER - Psychophysical withdrawal
    MARIPROB - Drinking causes marital problems
  • Concerns and Acknowledgments
    QUANTITY - Quantity of daily use when drinking
    GUILTWOR - Guilt and worry associated with drinking
    HELPBEFR - Prior attempts to deal with drinking
    RECEPTIV - Readiness for help
    AWARENES - Awareness of drinking problem

Second Order Factor Scales

  • ENHANCED - Drinking to enhance functioning
  • OBSESSED - Obsessive, sustained drinking
  • DISRUPT1 - Uncontrolled life disruption due to drinking: directly stated
  • DISRUPT2 - Uncontrolled life disruption due to drinking: indirectly stated
  • ANXCONCN - Anxiety related to drinking
  • RECPAWAR - Acknowledgment and awareness of use problem

Interpretive and profile reports provided. Test administration by paper/pencil or computer with computer or FAX hand scoring, not online internet administration.


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