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Resveratrol is a natural compound found in grapes, mulberries, peanuts, and the Japanese Knotweed plant that may protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease by acting as an antioxidant, antimutagen, and anti-inflammatory agent. Studies show that it is neuro-protective, antiviral, and anticancer agent; and it can boost mitochondria, the energy producing portion of the cell.*

It is impossible to consume, from normal food sources, the amount of resveratrol proven effective.

Oral doses of Resveratrol supplements have found these effects:

prevented weight gain and reduced the size of fat cells

protected the animals in the study from developing metabolic syndrome

increased the number of mitochondria in muscle cells

booted thermogensis (burning of fat)

increased aerobic activity

transformed muscle fibers into the "slow" type seen in trained athletes

enhanced muscle strength and reduced muscle fatigue

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*For more information visit

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/NIH

CCAM Health Information

Clinical Trials at NCCAM/NIH trials/alltrials.htm








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