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Omega - 3

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Recommended dosage Omega-3 - 1-2 grams per day with meals.

The brain relies on the delicate essential fats that make up much of its structure and are critical for brain cell function. An ideal human diet would contain an equal balance of poly-unsaturated fats of the Omega 3 and Omega 6 types with a 1:1 ratio. Unfortunately the modern diet is heavily weighted toward the Omega 6 fatty acids tilting the ratio to 20:1 or 30:1. This imbalance favors inflammation and robs the brain of the types of fats it needs to function well, those being primarily EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA are essential for the building of the brain and brain extensions, such as the eyes, particularly the retina. It's an added benefit that the omega 3 fatty acids also help lower triglyceride levels and reduce inflammation, which takes on more importance as we age.

Although you can eat more cold-water fish to tip the balance back toward an omega ratio more favorable to the brain, that method carries with it a slightly increased toxic burden from the bad stuff that can also be stored in the fat of the fish alongside the Omega 3s due to environmental contamination. Hence, we recommend taking any one of the following pure fish oil preparations in the recommended dosage from manufacturers that use a method called molecular distillation to remove heavy metals, such as mercury, pesticides, PCBs, dioxins, and other pollutants.

Omega-3s are extremely important in treating and reversing obesity, which is part of the metabolic syndrome and a precursor to both heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Omega-3 benefits include:

stabilized blood sugar levels

lowered insulin levels

reduced body fat

maintenance of muscle mass

elevated mood

improved attention span

promotion of healthy serotonin levels

loss of the roller-coaster effects of carbohydrates

decreased appetite

increased skin radiance

a healthier immune system

increased energy levels

decreased symptoms and severity of rheumatoid arthritis

reduced symptoms and severity of chronic skin conditions such as eczema

reduced blood levels of triglycerides (fat)

increased levels of HDL ("good" ) cholesterol

reduced blood pressure, inflammation, and stickiness of blood, thereby decreasing risk of heart disease

improved performance of the endothelial tissues that line the arteries-important in preventing glycation generated arteriosclerosis, the leading cause of heart disease & stroke.

Check out DFH Metabolic Syndrome Packets

Check out DFH Krill Oil

Recommended dosage Omega-3 - 1-2 grams per day with meals.












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