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Garlic and Aged Garlic Extract

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Garlic, an antioxidant plant, is the edible bulb of a plant in the lily family. It is an anti-aging agent due to its positive impact on blood sugar.

Garlic can be raw or cooked, and offers many health benefits, including the following, listed at the NIH web site:

slow the development of arteriosclerosis - the leading cause of heart disease.

lower blood-cholesterol levels

reduce risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and cancer

stimulate immune function

enhance the body's ability to detoxify foreign substances

restore physical strength

increase resistance to a wide variety of stresses

provide anti-aging effects

act as an antioxidant

protect the liver

helps lower blood sugar (important in protecting against AGEs*)

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*Glycation (sometimes called non-enzymatic glycosylation) occurs when a glucose (sugar) molecule binds to a protein molecule without the influence of enzymes, proteins that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions. In scientific terms these sugar/protein bondings are referred to as AGEs (advanced glycation end products).

Most degenerative diseases are affected in one way or another by disease-producing glycation reactions. These reactions result in major damage to the body, including arterial stiffening; arteriosclerosis (the clogging, narrowing, and hardening of the blood vessels); the formation of cataracts; neurological impairment, diabetic complications; and wrinkled, sagging skin.

The formation of AGEs is responsible for serious damage to the body, both internally and externally. Our body is composed mainly of protein. AGEs are highly destructive to this protein. If glycation gets out of hand, many proteins that are vitally important for proper functioning of the body will be degraded or destroyed. Prevention is the key - with foods that fight AGEs and the very best nutrients for preventing and helping to reverse the effects of AGEs.







Joseph Mallord William Turner
British, 1775 - 1851

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