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Benfothiamine is a synthetic, fat-soluable, highly absorbable form of Vitamin B1 (thiamine). This powerful anti-aging supplement was first developed in Japan to treat painful nerve conditions, including sciatica and neuropathy, a disorder of the peripheral nerves - the motor, sensory, and autonomic nerves that connect the spinal cord to muscles, skin, and internal organs. Benfothiamine assists on two fronts: it effectively treats neuropathy and blocks anti-glycation formation. *

Elevated blood sugar exacerbates glycation that results in inflammatory damage. Benfothiamine prevents sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates from causing inflammation. Bentofiamine not only blocks inflammation pathways, it also enhances the activity of an enzyme called transketolase, which prevents pro-inflammatory conditions. Benfothiamine also helops the digestive process, enabling the body to properly use carbohydrates.

Although the traditional water-soluable form of Vitamin B1 works to moderate the damage caused by high blood sugar levels, fat-soluable Benfotiamine does it better, and in smaller doses. Benfothiamine also shows promise in treating a number of neurological and vascular conditions. And, it appears to have beneficial anti-aging qualities, protecting human cells from harmful metabolic end products. It also helps improve mental attitude, and when we are under physical stress during illness, trauma, and postsurgical periods.

Benfothiamine occurs naturally in foods of the allium family, such as garlic, onions, shallots, scallions, and leeks.

Recommended Daily Intake 100 to 300 mg per day.

Check out DFH Carnosine Supreme w/Benfothiamine

Check out DFH Metabolic Synergy

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*For more information visit

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/NIH

CCAM Health Information

Clinical Trials at NCCAM/NIH






Joseph Mallord William Turner
British, 1775 - 1851






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