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"Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death in the USA and ranks among the greatest health-care crises of the 21st century, and the numbers become even more dire with every passing year." 2012 Martin Sabbagh, MD Geriatric Neurologist


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The Case for Delivering Complementary Therapies

As of 2013, there are an estimated 44.4 million people worldwide with dementia. This number will increase to an estimated 75.6 million in 2030, and 135.5 million in 2050. There are 7.7 million new cases of dementia each year, inferring that there is a new case of dementia every 4 seconds.

In the USA, there are an estimated 5.6 million cases of Americans with Alzheimer's Disease in 2016, 5.2 million are of persons age 65 and older.

In the USA, every year an estimated 100,000 people die from Alzheimer's disease. There is no known cure for the disease, but there are preventive dementia fighting strategies that every one of us can take to avoid and to ultimately stave off Alzheimer's.

There are easy, concrete steps every single person can take to avoid adding to the ranks of Alzheimer's sufferers and their families. There is an alternative that includes: exercise, professional brands vitamins and professional brands nutritional supplements, anti-inflammatory medications, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and diet.

Protect Yourself: Learn The Science of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Fighting Strategies:

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Why Professional Brand USP Nutritional Supplements

"How do Nutrients Reach the Brain?"

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Preventing Brain Cell Damage

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The best protection is to take charge of your health now, and reap the benefits for the rest of your life. "Treat your brain right while it's still healthy and you will extend the life of your mind and body for many years to come."Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, MD Geriatric Neurologist.

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How do nutrients reach the brain?


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The Case for Delivering Complementary Therapies


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Watch "What is Alzheimer's Disease"


Watch Samuel Cohen, Ph.D. MSci- More than 40 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and that number is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. But no real progress has been made in the fight against the disease since its classification more than 100 years ago. Scientist Samuel Cohen shares a new breakthrough in Alzheimer's research from his lab as well as a message of hope.

Alzheimer's is a disease," Cohen says, "and we can cure it!"

Samuel Cohen is a Research Fellow in Biophysical Chemistry at St. John's College and the Centre for Misfolding Diseases in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, from where he holds PhD, MSci, MA and BA degrees. Cohen has worked as a consultant in the London office of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he specialized in the healthcare, technology and media sectors. His scientific research focuses on neurodegenerative disorders. He is co-author of more than 20 scientific papers, book chapters and patents, and was recently a lead author on a widely-reported study in which researchers made a major breakthrough towards finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease.


Watch: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Depression and the Switch that Might Turn Them Off. Andres Lozano, Chair of Neurosurgery at University of Toronto.

Deep brain stimulation is becoming very precise. This technique allows surgeons to place electrodes in almost any area of the brain, and turn them up or down — like a radio dial or thermostat — to correct dysfunction. Andres Lozano offers a dramatic look at emerging techniques, in which a woman with Parkinson's instantly stops shaking and brain areas eroded by Alzheimer's are brought back to life. (Filmed at TEDxCaltech.)