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Alzheimer's Risk Factors

Unmodifiable Risk Factors [one that cannot be altered]

Carriers of the genetic component the APOE Ɛ4 gene [Apolipoprotein E Genotype inherited from both parents eighteen times more likely than general population to develop Alzheimer's and perons with only one copy from one parent have risk of four times greater than general population]

Age [at age 65, 5% of people in US have Alzheimer's and that risk doubles every 5 years thereafter]

Multi-factorial Genetic Influences [presence of three particular genes - amyloid precursor protein, presenilinI and presenilin II and family history of Alzheimer's in first degree relatives]

Female gender [two to three times more women are affected, brains of women who had died of Alzheimer's had less estrogen than other women's brains]


Modifiable Risk Factors [control of risk and can be altered]

Hypertension [high blood pressure]

Elevated Cholesterol

Diabetes-elevated insulin levels/metabolic syndrome

Heart disease and high homocysteine levels

Cerebrovascular disease [strokes & transient ischemic attacks]

Head injury

Deficiency of folic acid [Vitamin B9]

Obesity, especially during midlife


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