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The Importance of Professional Grade United States Pharmacopeia USP Nutritional Supplements cannot be overstated!

How do nutrients reach the brain?

For nutrients to deliver any benefit to the human brain, they have to get there! And, to do so nutrients must overcome several challenges:

1. First, we must consume them, i.e. get into the body, and ingest professional brands nutritional supplements.

2. Once in the stomach, they must survive attack by acid that breaks down food.

3. In the digestive tract, nutrients must be absorbed through the cells lining the intestine and transported through blood vessel walls into the bloodstream.

4. Traveling in the blood through the liver, nutrients need to avoid being metabolized [used as energy and destroyed]. In some cases, nutrients are not digested thoroughly or at all [0% bioavailability], and pass through the entire digestive track without being absorbed.

5. Once in the bloodstream, nutrients must cross small blood vessels into brain tissue, a process restricted by the blood-brain barrier.

What does the Blood-Brain Barrier Do?

The blood-brain barrier is an effective filter that protects the brain from many common bacterial infections. For the same reason, it's difficult to target drugs and nutrients since the barrier keeps out both toxins and potentially therapeutic chemicals. The barrier becomes more permeable during brain injuries: stroke, head trauma, meningitis, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis. Viruses can bypass the barrier by attaching themselves to circulating immune cells.

In healthy people, food nutrients and nutritional supplements can pass the blood-brain barrier if the body has done the job of breaking these nutrients down into smaller, easily transported molecules. When nutritional supplements aren't broken down, their molecules often remain too large to complete the journey past the blood-brain barrier.

This is the reason why USP professional grade vitamins and nutraceuticals are so important! [Pure Caps*NSF-GMP US Pharmacopia standards, Designs for Health, Metagenics, etc. see below].The US FDA does not require the same rigorous scientific research and manufacturing standards for non-professional brand dietary vitamin supplements [GRAS Generally Recognized as Safe standards] as for professional brand supplemens [NSF-GMP Manufacturing FDA Audited/US Pharmacopia Standards; and Rx prescription drugs.]

Professional Grade Supplements NSF-GMP US Pharmacopia Standards vs. GRAS Standads Supplements

Another issue is that most non-professional grade supplement manufacturers must only meet FDA standard called GRAS [generally recognized as safe]. GRAS supplements have no FDA requirement that the ingredients listed on the label need to be in the tablets/capsules or in the amounts listed on the label, and the manufacturers don't even have to establish that the supplements work as stated!!

With GRAS (Genearlly Recognized as Safe) manufactured nutritient supplements, purity of the ingredients is unknown, the actual dosage may be vastly different from tablet to tablet in the same bottle; the ingredients may be tainted with heavy metals or toxins; and the bioavailability [amount of nutrient absorbed] in GRAS supplements may be GREATLY less than 50% or even 0% as the tablet passes right through you![50% bioavailability is professional brands industry standard].

USP GMP Standards:

USP stands for the United States Pharmacopoeia. USP approval means you can be assured of purity, potency, stability and disintegration. Essentially it ensures that the product contains the ingredients listed on the label and that it has been made according to FDA Auditing of Good Manufacturing Practices GMP.

  • All dietary supplement products and powders should be manufactured in a USP FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility, in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Ingredients all tested for purity, potency and delivery from raw materials to finished product
  • The USP specifically tests to ensure the supplement
    • Contains the ingredients listed on the label in the declared potency and amount.
    • Doesn’t contain harmful levels of specified contaminants.
    • Will break down and release into the body within a specified amount of time.
    • Has been made according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices using sanitary and well-controlled procedures.


When supplements aren't broken down, their molecules often remain too large to complete the journey past the blood-brain barrier.

Protect your body and your brain with professional grade USP-GMP manufactured nutritional supplements that meet or exceed the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), such as Pure Caps*, Designs for Health, Integrative Therapeutics, Metagenics, and other professional brands availble from Brava Nutrition. Yes, they cost more, but it is well-worth it to help you to protect your brain, and those of your loved ones, from the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.


The best protection is to take charge of your health now, and reap the benefits for the rest of your life. "Treat your brain right while it's still healthy and you will extend the life of your mind and body for many years to come."Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, MD Geriatric Neurologist.

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* Pure Encapsulations is USP-GMP registered in the U.S., GMP certified in Canada, and exceeds the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Read: Pure Caps "About the Company."









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